• We

    promote courage

  • We

    develop people

  • We

    make visions become experiences

  • We

    in the world 4.0

  • We

    touch with emotion

  • We

    trigger thoughts

  • We

    offer solutions

“Life is movement.”

Aristotle already knew that. But how can people be moved and inspired these days? How can you motivate and mobilise your customers and employees? We are your first choice of contact when it comes to supporting sustainable change processes. Our team of experts are here to sponsor and advice you. Individually. Conceptually. Professionally.


Help shape instead of only participating. Our priority is to allow people to have a sustainable future. Therefore, our events are designed to be holistic. For only when the person feels well as a whole, can he think and act optimally. Leave the business world and explore purely exciting locations. That is what will make the change of perspective possible. So that your events become enthralling, memorable and emotional.


Customized rather than adjusted. This makes intrinsic motivation possible. Our „Traincentives“ appeal to the mind, heart and body all together. We offer you the space for inspiration, reflection and enjoyment. That’s what your employees, customers and business partners deserve. A break with added value. And a lasting positive impression. Thus, visions become tangible, innovations available and solutions realizable.


The human factor and the team factor are our focus. With a great dose of vitality an a guarantee of fun, our training awaken inner strengths and discover hidden talents. Our experts provide powerful and energetic units that convey your content and messages with heart, mind and dynamism. So we lift the treasure of each one and bring him successfully to the top.

We combine one-sidedness with versatility

Our name is program. Events, incentives and training are our professions. Strong effects, impressive content and long-term results are our claim. We have been successful for more than 23 years. We cultivate established partnerships with our customers. Every new goal raises many questions. We help to find answers, solutions, and the right path. We are goal-oriented, lively and creative.

We develop people

Regardless of the size of your business, we organize your event perfectly. So emotional and impressive that it resonates with your customers and employees for a long time. When it comes to incentives, we work with great tact and great care. We are also at your side in the area of training – for example in the context of occupational health management. Everything we do, we do holistically and carefully. We work to inspire – emotionally, mentally and physically.

People and industry 4.0

Complex tasks. Highest requirements. Fast changing conditions. People are facing major challenges in the world 4.0. We support each individual in mastering their challenges. We empower and encourage. We strengthen and equip. We enable and activate.

We are lateral thinkers with momentum

With our Vitality concept we cover all three complex topics. As experts in the business in areas such as events, incentives and training, you receive everything from one source. With us, grey theory becomes a life full everyday experience. We fill your requirements with life – with our Knowhow and with years of experience. Your ideas and messages become emotions – which people reach, move and change within themselves. This is how you reach your goals – in the company as well as on the market, locally and internationally.