VIT Markus Weber

Markus Weber

The managing director of V.I.T. GmbH has set the areas of team training and health management as his main focus. The businessman and sports teacher acts freely according to the motto "There's no such thing as can't!" and always has the ambition to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way. With his great energy, his dynamic nature and his talent to sustainably inspire others for a cause, he is the engine of the company.


VIT Ingo Eisert

Ingo Eisert

As deputy managing director, the sports science graduate focuses on event and health management as well as on the areas of team and personality development. Under the motto "Live life!" he advocates enjoying life and approaches a wide variety of tasks with great empathy.


VIT Silvia Kielmann

Silvia Kielmann

Happiness is something you can give without having it. The project assistant (tourism management assistant) is convinced of this. With this committed attitude to life, she is by the side of others and supports the project management in a wide variety of matters.

We are encouragers, life teachers and inspirers

Action Learning is our mission. Our team consists of highly motivated and qualified specialists. Who are always on the move to reach and move others. After all, if you want to bring about change in others, you must never be at a standstill yourself. We burn for what we do - and we ignite this enthusiasm in our customers. We think big and sometimes even bigger - and achieve our goals through our diverse skills and a big dose of joy.

We turn messages into emotions. We turn requirements into a hunger for success. We turn changes into a thirst for action. And we connect events, incentives and trainings with each other. Just like body, mind and soul. Because we know that one thing has always been true: Mens sana in corpore sano. Full service is our claim. That's why we have an excellent network of top professionals at our disposal. In Germany and abroad alike.


  • 1994

    V.I.T. goes to the start! Our company headquarters are located in the Businesspark Stuttgart Zettachring.

  • 2000

    We are HBDI certified!

  • 2004

    The V.I.T. Charity Customer Forum is being held for the first time as part of the company's 10th anniversary.

  • 2006

    Move to Kemnat: Our new home is at Hagäckerstr. 4!

  • 2015

    Umzug nach Kemnat: Unser neues Zuhause ist in der Hagäckerstr. 4!

  • 2018

    Our team consists of five specialists. To optimally cover the wishes and needs of our customers, we have a network of more than 100 experts and freelancers at our disposal.

  • 2019

    25 years V.I.T. GmbH
    Anniversary celebration at the V8 Hotel (Motorworld Böblingen)

  • 2020

    Set up our V.I.T. studio to stream and broadcast live online seminars, workshop and lectures.

  • 2021

    Relocation of V.I.T. from Kemnat to Stuttgart

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